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Welcome to our online shop.

Basically, we are specialists in pens and stationery.  Everyone here has an interest and an enthusiasm for the products.  We will really try to find a solution to your needs.  We love the stuff we sell.  Locally our business customers buy office supplies from printer ink to reams of paper all next day delivery.

Actually, Stationery and pens are everyday things but they improve your day in small subtle ways, giving you a simple pleasure and confidence from how it feels in your hand , how it writes, how it is written on. The texture or colour, the weight and the design, all these things marginally contribute positively to your tasks, whether they be domestic, creative, office or just filling in the crossword.

Relevant knowledge is everything so we love hearing how you get on with a particular pen or notebook, everyone is different and everyone has a slightly different need.  Vive la difference!

The owner, known as Mrs B has a concept of Positive Retail, and it seems to be working at our shop.

Rarely does Mrs B enjoy shopping herself and is not an ideal consumer.  She tires of silly rules and daft signs and minimum this and NO to that. She appreciates cheerful staff who know all about their wares. Bartrums was created as a place she would like to be in and where she could spend her hard-earned pennies with a satisfied feeling of having willingly taken part in this consumer world of ours.

Under her direction, you won't find 'No this' and 'No that' signs all over our shop.  Yes we do allow dogs in and we allow ice creams (try not to spill them!).  We encourage you all to explore the shop, pick things up and try them.  You can test drive virtually every pen and pencil here.

Make it to Hay and see if you like it.  We are open sensibly at 9.00am sharp and close around 5.30pm after the last customer is ready to leave.  On Sundays we are open from 10.30am and close around 4.30pm.

So there is no pressure and Mrs B and the team would like you to feel relaxed, informed and respected.